I've been in the web development industry since college. I started serious self-taughting front-end development about half a year ago. As I am currently working on a full-time job (8 hours per day) and it is quite hard to find motivation/time to study by my own after work.

I am working as a web designer and my job doesn't quite give me deep knowledge about the industry. I'm stuck into their working methods and it's quite hard to improve professionaly.

So I try to learn new technologies and new methods of working on this industry by my self at home.

Although it is a thought process, being self-taught has a lot of advantages. I really enjoy learning by "myself" and having some personal projects to keep learning / developing my portfolio.

Here's what I find to be the hardest when you are self teaching.

Short time to study

Focusing on learning a new subject after 8 hours of work it's a pain in the ass. I arrive at home exhausted from work and I have to use the time left to study or delevop some personal projects.

This requires some discipline, which I am still learning, so that I don't slack off. To keep me organized I have a TO DO list on trello with the things I need to finish. I also made a commitment to code at least 1 hour per day (minimum).

No Feedback

Another difficulty is not having an instant feedback of what I've learned. It feels that everytime I'm watching a course online, whatever I'll learn in a lesson stays in that short period of time (which is not true), and that cuts my motivation to keep moving forward. To prevent this from happening I try to find a way to implement what I have learned on my projects.

Keeping up-to-date

The third topic that I find to be hard when I am self teaching web development is to keep up with technology.

Technology evolves fast and it's impossible to stay up-to-date with every new one that surges.

To keep up to date with technologies / methods of working I follow some people around the internet. I often read a really powerful website powered by developer's community Dev.to.

I bought a few courses online on udemy and I made sure that those courses were new, updated and valuable.

Having a stable side project

It is a bit hard to think of a good side project that you will strictly follow untill the end. So what I do is think of an app and I start off with a simple project without much code and improve it as I move forward.

This website/blog is my example of this.

I am starting with a basic version and using it to currently learn about wordpress, PHP, GIT and a bit of nodeJs. The next step will be to introduce Javascript and possibly ReactJs. I try to get some feedback from people around me and improve my project as it goes.

To sum up, it is quite hard to self teach web development, especially when I have a full-time job but it's insanely fun and I get to learn a lot by getting my hands dirty and not just watch tutorials or other people talking about the industry.

I hope this article was usefull for you and see you soon!

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