I've been working with SEO for a year and a half and when i started my professional career I had no clue what SEO was and I needed to learn fast!

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, it is the process of increasing traffic to the website.

It is what makes your website gain visibility around the web without a single cost on paid advertisment.

There are two types of traffic to consider in SEO: Quality and Quantity.

Quality traffic -> Aim for the right audience for your website. You don’t want to attract unwanted visitors to your website as that may damage slightly your reputation around the web.

Quantity traffic -> Once you have the right audience you should aim to get more and more traffic.

To get visibility on the web you need to understand what happens when you search the web.

Google and other search engines like bing or yahoo will crawl all the pages on the web and the crawlers will try to match your search and will give you the more accurate results based on the search and web ranking factors/page reputation.

SEO is easy to start learning but it gets more complex as you move forward.

There are a few good quality website to follow that provide good quality and will keep you up to date with the SEO world:

https://searchengineland.com/ (My Favorite)





Web Sources: https://searchengineland.com/guide/what-is-seo


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