As the demand for web apps start to increase so does the job title Full Stack Web Developer which includes front and back end development.

A Front End Developer should have some basic skills on his curriculum to start his career.


The most basic skills needed is HTML / CSS. HTML its pretty easy and fast to learn whilst CSS is easy at the start but it can get pretty complex when you start going deeper into the language.


The next skill a front end developer should have is Javascript. I consider Javascript as the core skill needed. Keep in mind that you should have a clean knowledge of how Javascript works. Javascript has a lot of frameworks to help you execute better and faster applications but before you learn frameworks you should really learn how Javascript works at it's core.

Frameworks / Libraries

After knowing how Javascript works you should start learning Javascript frameworks to help you get more speed and more reliable and scalable code. The trending and easiest to learn Js framework is ReactJs. React is a framework and also a Javascript library to help you build scalable interfaces. You could also instead learn VueJs or AngularJs, although I recommend starting with React since it's the easiest to learn of the three and the most demanding (easier but not easy).


GIT is a must have for every developer. It is a software built for version control and it's pretty easy to learn. GIT uses a terminal with several command lines. It also has a built in GUI (graphical user interface) so you won't need to use the command line, also there are some softwares that mimic this GUI but add more features to it like GitKraken or SourceTree

This is what I consider to be the most basic skills a front end developer needs. While you learn these skills you will be forced to learn other languages / technologies. For example you can't use react without knowing JSX (tag syntax that looks like HTML). You will also need to know some basic concepts about Nodejs, Babel, Typescript, among others.

One last thing that a Front End Developer should be aware of it's SEO (search engine optimization) as you build your applications/interfaces you need to be cautious of how it will affect your page rankings on search engines like Google.

Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion about the basic skills needed by a front end developer. Do not assume I have the exact knowledge. Use differente sources for your understanding about this topic.

See you soon!

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