When starting a project sometimes I get stuck in the creative process. It's hard for me to decide what type of design to choose.

To overcome this problem I do a bit of research around the web to look for other projects and get some inspiration.

Here's my Top 5 websites for design inspiration!


Pinterest for me is the number 1 pick on this list. It may not be the most professional one, but it has a lot of variety to search for.

With it you can search almost anything, and the good part is that when you find something you like you will have a link to the post page. For example, you can be redirected to the Behance page and there find related work to your initial search.



I use Behance to search for website and photography inspiration.

It is very popular and a lot of people post their work on this platform. Like Pinterest, it has a lot of variety but only related to design/creative work.

It is a bit more credible than Pinterest because the community around it is largely made out of professionals who submit and explain their work process.


Creative Tim

Next up is Creative Tim. I use this website/blog to search for content related to website design. Their themes are mostly based on material design. While it's not a big website I use it frequently because it is easy to search plus I enjoy the design they put in their work. It also gives you some tips about the industry on their blog.



This is a classic. While I really don't appreciate the of usability of many websites posted on this platform, it is still a huge place to get inspired with design of websites. And even if most of websites posted here are too complex and not friendly to navigate but damn the design is amazing.


Template Monster logo

Yet another classic. This one is more professional, but it has a really powerful search hierarchy and a lot of variety of websites to get inspired by.

I don't use Template Monster that often, only when I have to make a website for a business that I've never worked with, like a restaurant or a gym.


Unsplash logo

This one is a bonus and it had to be on the list. It is very useful to look for pictures/wallpapers/thumbnails, etc. It's an amazing website to get photographs, I use it every single time and highly recommend it.


These are my most used websites for design inspiration.

Keep in mind that this is what I currently use in my research process but It doesn't mean that they are the very best, yet they work for me.

Hope you enjoy it. See you soon!

Web sources:

Cover photo by José Alejandro Cuffia on Unsplash

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